Winter in Ukraine is damp and cold. Russia has bombed Ukraine’s power grids and heating infrastructure. To survive the cold, thousands of families need a heater. Together, we can help by sponsoring a wood-burning stove with a cooking surface.

To supply one wood-burning stove to one family cost $100 dollars. Great Commission Media Ministries has already provided thousands of families with wood-burning stoves for heating and cooking. Thousands more are needed.

This winter, please consider sponsoring one wood-burning stove for one family in Ukraine. Perhaps it will be the most important gift you can give to a family in their time of suffering.

Thousands of families will face freezing temperatures without heating this winter. On the front lines, fathers and sons are fighting for their families, wives, children, and their motherland. We can help keep their loved ones stay alive.

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60-second video: Wood-burning stoves for Ukrainian families.


Overview video about the scope of our ministry.

Winter is cold and damp in Ukraine

Thousands of families are in need of a source for heat. For $100 dollars you can supply one heating stove to one family. GCM Ministries has provided thousands of families with a wood-burning stove for heating and for cooking. Thousands more are urgently needed.

Devastation in Kherson

We received a call from one of our team members military pastor Aleksander. Russia has shelled the population centers of Kherson county 50 times in one day.

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What is happening in Ukraine?

Family keeping warm by wood stove in Ukraine




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