Sudan needs the message of God’s forgiveness

You can help introduce a trapped Muslim to Jesus Christ

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Ministering to the Muslims in the Middle East through media

Millions Reached Weekly Through Islamic Satellite TV Ministry

GCMM is using Satellite TV broadcasting the Gospel to reach Muslim peoples in difficult to reach places, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Image of the gospel being delivered from a vehicle to individuals in Ukraine.

URGENT need for Gospel books

Over 10 million Ukrainians have had to leave their homes during the Russian invasion, heading west. War has a lasting effect on a person’s soul. According to WHO (World Health Organization), about a quarter of the population has experienced some kind of psychological trauma.

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Support Jewish Ministry

The Gospel To The Jews Is God's Priority

Each day of the year is a new opportunity that we want to use for the Kingdom of God. The Bible speaks of “hearing of wars and rumours of wars”. This should not alarm us, but encourage us to preach the Gospel, as according to the Gospel of Mark the end is still to come. (Mark 13:7-10)

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About Great Commission Media Ministries

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Ukraine Humanitarian Aid

Our primary vision and purpose here at Great Commission Media Ministries is the proclamation of the Gospel to our generation. However, in circumstances as dire as those that are found in Ukraine, we cannot overlook their physical suffering. We cannot close our ears to their pleas for help. Jesus would expect no less of us. That is why we have become deeply involved in distributing life-saving humanitarian aid.

You can be Part of the Solution

Help Mothers Feed Their Families In Ukraine.

Russia has bombed Ukraine’s power grids and heating infrastructure. To survive, there’s an increasing need for wood-burning stoves for cooking food and boiling water.

Together, we can help by providing a wood-burning stove with a cooking surface.

To supply one wood-burning stove to one family cost $100 dollars. Great Commission Media Ministries has already provided thousands of families with wood-burning stoves for heating and cooking. Thousands more are needed.

Thousands of families will starve without the ability to cook. On the front lines, fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters are fighting for their families and their motherland. We can help keep their loved ones stay alive.


Sponsoring a wood stove could be the most strategic gift you give to a Ukrainian family.

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Ukraine Updates

Check back often to see how your gift is making a difference in the lives of Ukrainian families.

Wood stoves for Ukraine

Ukraine is Suffering

Families need to cook and to heat their home. GCM Ministries has provided thousands of families with a wood-burning stove for heating and for cooking. Thousands more are urgently needed. You can help. $100 buys one stove for one family.

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Gospel message for Ukraine

Heavy Demand For More Evangelism Books

GCMM has printed over 100,000 evangelism books called The Journey Home for Ukrainian refugees. A special book is in the works to help minister to soldiers experiencing PTSD. The soldiers need support too.

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The church in Ukraine is growing. Help support ministry work in Ukraine.

Ukrainians Open To The Gospel During War

The Baptist church in Kherson, under the direction of Pastor Sergey Sinii participated in evangelism and aid work. As a result of the war, residents started to search for spiritual guidance and security for their souls.

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