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Laura as a young woman

An encounter with the living God changes you

It changed Laura Haukka when she found faith as a university student in the Soviet Union. Her passion for sharing the Gospel blossomed when she met her husband Hannu Haukka and together they formed what is now Great Commission Media Ministries (GCMM) today.

Discover how GCMM grew from humble beginnings into a world-wide ministry.

From Humble Beginnings

In 1970, Laura, a medical student, embraced her faith despite risking expulsion from a Soviet university. She married Hannu Haukka, a Canadian, and in answering their shared calling, launched a Russian radio ministry from Finland to the Soviet Union.

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Dave Kenny, Executive Director

Canadian Leadership

Dave Kenny

Executive Director

Prior to Great Commission Media Ministries Canada, Dave was Vice President of Domestic Growth at ShareWord Global, formerly The Gideons International in Canada.

Dave’s path into ministry passed through 8 years of entrepreneurship, followed by 11 years of senior management experience in the corporate sector. Having always had a heart for the lost, Dave received his call into ministry in 2013 beginning with his studies in theology before making the jump to ShareWord Global in 2019. Marveled by the awesome guiding hand of God in his life Dave considers it a true privilege to be able to harness both his entrepreneurial spirit and his corporate experience for the expansion of the kingdom, to the glory of God. Dave describes himself as a “growth guy”, a “team builder” and a “builder of teams”.

Dave has a Bachelor of Theology from the University of Chester and is currently pursuing his Master of Arts in Philanthropic Studies from the University of Kent.

Dave is the father of 6 children and husband of 20 years to his wife, Jacinda. The board game table is the centerpiece of the Kenny family. His children are receiving classical training, both in music and education, and are active contributors to Queensway Baptist Church in Brantford, Ontario. Dave’s interests include theology, apologetics, leadership, and philanthropy.

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