Other Ways You Can Support

Great Commission
Media Ministries

Depending on your situation, there are a variety of ways for you to support Great Commission Media Ministries.

Some of the common ways other believers are supporting Great Commission Media Ministries include planned giving, gifts from foundations, and donating stocks and appreciated assets.

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Planned Giving

Your Will confirms to your family and others your priorities and values. By setting up a planned gift to Great Commission Media Ministries, you can honour Christ at the end of your life as you have throughout your life, proclaiming the Gospel to millions for many years to come.

Find out how you can leave an eternal legacy today.

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Publicly Traded Stocks

A donation of securities or mutual fund shares is another way you can make a lasting impact. With a gift of securities or mutual funds, capital gains tax does not apply. That means you can give more and qualify for elimination of gain.

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Appreciated Assets

Another way you can support Great Commission Media Ministries is through giving appreciated assets, including but not limited to real estate and other property like artwork, private company shares, company sale, rare literature, cars, and more. Your gift will ensure Great Commission Media Ministries’ innovative evangelism can go even further. Your gift will also result in a tax credit.

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Foundation Gifts

Have you ever thought about starting a philanthropic foundation to spread the Gospel message worldwide? Perhaps you have an established foundation and you’d like to make a lasting impact. We’d love to talk to you about how your foundation can further the Great Commission by supporting Great Commission Media Ministries’ missional activities to unreached people in every nation.

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Each of these giving options needs careful thought and prayerful consideration. To learn more about how to support Great Commission Media Ministries in any of the ways listed above, please reach out to us.

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