Hate Transformed

Marzieh, a long-suffering victim of generational domestic abuse, had nothing but hatred for her father and the father of her children. It was eating away at her from the inside. Thanks to you she was able to personally experience forgiveness. But it didn’t stop with her. So touched by this transformation, she shared it with her daughter as well. Together, they seek to break this generational cycle of abuse.

Your support made all the difference.

“My father was a drug addict and at age 15 I left his home and married a man who as it turned out was also addicted to drugs. I was 18 when I had my first child and then God gave us two daughters in quick succession. But every day I was subjected to more and more torment by
my husband.”

“I am at a point where I can no longer endure this man’s torments. I hate him and even the children curse him. If you know a solution to our situation, tell me so that we can be saved from this predicament.”

When Marzieh reached out to our follow up team, they spoke about hatred and enmity and the barrier of sin between God and each of us which has caused the breakdown of our relationships with God and one another.

Marzieh was listening throughout, and it was clear that it was like water being poured down on parched ground. As we continued speaking it became clear that the thing she valued and wanted to receive the most was salvation.
We spoke to her about the need for forgiveness and to reject all hating and cursing and invited her to repentance. She desperately wanted to be free of this pain and decided that day to pray for repentance and salvation.

“Since I gave my heart to Jesus I sense that I have been cleansed from my sin, like a new-born baby, and the pain has gone. I don’t know what has happened, but there is no sign of the intense inner pain that I have been experiencing. My daughter has taken your telephone number to get in touch and speak with you, so that she too can benefit and be transformed by the advice you give.”
Like a mustard seed, your gift of the Gospel was planted into Marzieh’s heart, and like yeast, it grew so fast that there was no room left for hatred and enmity.

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