Printing Bibles & Literature

Providing New Believers with Bibles and Literature

Freedom of speech in Russia has taken a hit. As of June 1st, a new law is in effect which relates to freedom of expression. These new restrictions affect freedom of religion and religious activities as well.

Local churches have adapted to this new reality in Russia and continue to reach out to people in their neighbourhoods, sharing the gospel message and supporting new believers, connecting them to local resources so they can fan their new faith into a bright flame.

GCMM prints and distributes millions of evangelical books, Bibles, New Testaments, pamphlets, and other resources for our local church partners in Russia.

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Equipping People with God’s Word

GCMM supports long-term growth and discipleship in new believers by sending millions of New Testaments and Bibles to thousands of partner churches in Russia.

We connect people to local churches so they can learn from and grow into the community of Christ. And we equip people with their own Bibles so they can dive into the Word of God for themselves.

We believe every Christian should have access to Scripture so they can grow in understanding and faith and be shaped by the Living Word.