100,000 Evangelism Books are Urgently Needed

War leaves its mark

Over 10 million Ukrainians have had to leave their homes during the Russian invasion, heading west. War has a lasting effect on a person’s soul. According to WHO (World Health Organization), about a quarter of the population has experienced some kind of psychological trauma.

In peacetime societies, an average of 5 to 6 percent of the population is affected by psychological traumas. In Ukraine, it is expected that this figure will reach 25 percent of the population, and will last three generations.


“The Journey Home” evangelism book for victims of war

GCMM has produced literature that supports spiritual well-being in both Ukrainian and Russian languages.  We have been using a 160-page book, called The Journey Home, with content that has been tailored to a country affected by war. At present, the goal is to print a total of 300,000 copies. The book includes a number to call for counseling and other assistance services.

The Journey Home book

Peace of mind is shaken

“The sound of continuous air raid sirens causes a lot of stress. There is a constant fear of another attack. Anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and insomnia have become the norm. Psychological consequences of war are long-term and last at least 35-40 years,” says Soloviva a military psychologist.

Everything that happens, is passed from one generation to the next.

Supernatural level of hunger for the Gospel of Christ

“When the war started a year ago our church ministered to 180 regular worshippers. But no, there are over 800 new people desperate for the Word of God. This is a time of revival in our city” – Pastor Pjotr, City of Kharkiv


God is moving in the hearts of the people of Ukraine. Some are crying out for healing. Others desire eternal security in the face of war.

For $2.50… you can give them both.

Churches all over the nation are reporting overwhelming attendance from those who have never stepped foot in the church before. One church in Kherson has reported weekly baptism services of 50 – 60 new converts every Sunday evening.

“Before the beginning of the war, 3-4 new people would be seen each week in our service… now we have hundreds of new people each week! This is a time of revival, one which we have never seen before!” – Pastor Sergey, City of Kherson.

Will you send the gift of the Gospel to the frontline today?

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